One of the greatest worries of every human being is the fact that tomorrow is not guaranteed. The most that a non-believer can do is to work very hard with the tools that they have at their disposal and just hope that maybe everything will work out fine.

Their thoughts are:

  • “Maybe if I study really hard I’ll graduate with good grades and get a good job.”
  • “Maybe if I accept this job I’ll like it and this will be the industry that I’ll build my career in.”
  • “Maybe if I meet enough people I’ll find the right spouse.”
  • “Maybe if I make the right investment I’ll be able to retire early.”
  • “Maybe if I vote for this candidate they’ll keep their promises and help my community.”

  • But the simple fact is that outside of God, nothing is guaranteed. Human beings need direction and purpose in order to live a life of meaning. This is what God provides because He created us for His purpose and it is only when we connect with Him and He teaches us our purpose and gives us a direction that we can have the fulfillment that we desire.

    Jeremiah 10: 23 (NIV) says “Lord, I know that people’s lives are not their own; it is not for them to direct their steps.”

    It was God’s leading and His presence that sustained Joseph as he went from being solved into slavery by his own brothers, to working in Potiphar’s house. The bible says that Potiphar saw that God was with Joseph and so everything that he did prospered. This is why he put Joseph in charge of everything in his household and so Potiphar never concerned himself with anything in his household except for the food that he ate.

    This same thing happened to Joseph as he was put in prison after being framed by Potiphar’s wife. The warden put Joseph in charge of all the prisoners because God was with Joseph and made the warden find favour in the sight of him. It was at this time that God helped Joseph to interpret the dreams of the baker, the cupbearer and Pharaoh which then led to Pharaoh putting Joseph in charge of the whole of Egypt.

    As Pharaoh mentioned in Genesis 41: 38 (NIV) “Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?” The clear answer was NO. There was not a single person in all Egypt who had the ability or the relationship with God to steer Egypt out of the disaster that was about to happen and Pharaoh could clearly see this. God had ordered Joseph’s steps throughout his entire journey to reach this position. If Joseph had sinned along the way, maybe his destiny would have been lost and we would not be reading it as the amazing example that it is for us today.

    As it can be seen in this story, God has a planned destiny for every one of us. We are created for a purpose that only He can reveal. We are meant to seek Him and to permit Him to direct our steps. This way, His plans for our lives will be fulfilled and we will find the peace that we are all looking for, but this can only be achieved through Him alone.